Getting Pregnant on the Pill – Possible or Not?

The birth control pill was introduced to the world in the beginning of the 1960’s and one could state they have become one of the most popular pregnancy protections in the western world by millions of women.

You might just started taking the pill and wonder about the chances of getting pregnant on the pill?

If this is the case then you should read on and get an answer to this question which is actually not so straight forward as most think but at the same time it actually is.

First of all, if the pill works correct, you will not ovulate and logically you will not be able to conceive but when that is said, there are some women who do not respond the right way to the pill, and they most likely don’t feel or know anything about it and these women can actually become pregnant.


odds for getting pregnant on the pill are?


Some of the pills actually state there is a 99.9% percent security of not getting pregnant but this is not completely correct. According to normal term of risks of pregnancy on the pill amongst doctors is that there are 1-2% percent chance of getting pregnant if everything is according the correct usage. Check out these statements from well-known doctors like Dr. Gerard M. Honore who give advice on

Question: What is the chance of getting pregnant on the pill We don’t use anything but the pill and he doesn’t pull out?

Dr. Gerard M. Honore answered:

With ‘perfect’ usage (method effectiveness) failure rate is 1-2%; with occasional goofs (actual effectiveness) failure is around 10%.

And Dr. Michael D. Fox states the same percentage of failure rate in another answer on

Question: I take the pill every night before bed, but me and my boyfriend had intercourse, Is there a high chance of getting pregnant?

Dr. Michael D. Fox answered:

If you have been taking pills appropriately for more than one month your chance of pregnant is less than 2%. It doesn’t matter the timing of pills, just that you take same time each day.

So the answer would be that yes you can actually get pregnant while being on the pill but the chances of getting pregnant while on the pill are not that high.

Some of the reasons why you could become pregnant are if you forget to take the pill on one or more says, or you take the pill on different day and different times which you shouldn’t because it needs to be taken at the same time every day.

Other reasons for experience pregnancy on the pill is if you take another woman’s pills if you forgot your own, or if you take a pill and thrown up during the time it takes for the pill to enter the bloodstream.

So if you want to avoid pregnancy you need to stick to the proper use of the pill and if you actually want to get pregnant one day, you have nothing to worry about because the use of pill will not harm your chances, but a lot of other things might. You should check out the tips for getting pregnant so when the time comes, you know what to do.

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